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NEWS House & Leisure, November 2004

Absolut Promotion

Designer Nadya Glawé 082-687-8062, nadya@global.co.za
Title of piece Absolut Retro.
About the design I was inspired by a style that regularly provides me with inspiration classic mid-century Modern Scandinavian design. I love the simple and beautiful lines of the pieces of that era.
I chose Perspex because of its properties (clean, modern-looking and pliable) and the fact that it was first used extensively during this period. The idea of simple, beautiful shapes that fit over the Absolut bottle came to me while I was falling asleep one night.
I decided to push the idea and create interchangelable shapes representing each of the Absolut Vodka flavours. Classic is (of course) a classic 60s shape (left), the zig-zag Mandarin profile represents the wedges of the fruit, the soft Vanilla fold emulates an ice cream and the twisted Citron (which wraps around the bottle) is inspired by the skin of a lemon. The colours of each of the profiles further emphasise the flavours.
Location Mink
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